RACHEL HOWARD, Saint Veronica

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Unique Original artwork

Artist: Rachel Howard

Saint Veronica, 2021

Oil and acrylic on canvas


Rachel Howard is a painter of life. She paints a multitude of human emotions, drawing on ideas of being at odds with the world, instability, uncertainty and being at sea. Her work is often inspired by poetry and literature, particularly the work of Anne Sexton, Primo Levi and Doris Lessing, amongst many others.

Howard is also interested in the qualities of paint and the physical act of painting. Speaking about her work, Howard has explained, 'I revel in the materiality of paint. The mess I make when I paint is insane. It always amuses me when I see a painting on the wall sitting there all pristine, dry and "finished" without a trace of the carnage it took to get to that point.'

Rachel Howard: At Sea was shown at Hastings Contemporary in 2015