JEFFERY CAMP RA, Rooks at Eastbourne

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Unique Original artwork

Artist: Jeffery Camp RA

Rooks at Eastbourne, 2014

Oil on canvas

Celebrated for embedding a romantic spirit in the twenty first century, Jeffery Camp’s career spanned an incredible seven decades. On moving to Hastings in the late 1960s, Camp repeatedly painted the local landscape, often working outside in situ, including nearby Beachy Head and the cliffs of Hastings. He exhibited regularly until the end of his life, including a solo exhibition at Jerwood Gallery in 2013, marking his 90th year.  


In Camp’s unusually shaped canvases, the curves of human nature blend seamlessly with the landscape, sea and hills, offering a generous, sensuous and sometimes precarious view of the world. It is Camp’s responsive openness, his playfulness, and the ever-shifting movement between paint marks, forms and surface which makes his work so unique. 


Jeffery Camp: The Way to Beachy Head was shown at Hastings Contemporary in 2013