Hastings Contemporary Limited Edition Print by Stewart Walton

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Artist: Stewart Walton

Hastings Contemporary

Digital print from original collage

Edition of 40

580 x 420mm approx. (A2)


The Hastings Contemporary at Rock-a-Nore sits on the shorefront alongside the iconic black Net Huts, overlooking the fishing beach.

This small, historic strip of land tucked around the corner from the Old Town, between the cliff and the sea has been my favourite place to draw and paint since I moved here almost 30 years ago.  There is no deep harbour so boats are launched then hauled ashore on the high tide and when beached we see their whole shape, from keel to mast with all the paraphernalia that sea fishing brings. 

I work by first painting my own collage material of atmospheres and textures which I cut out to use with other found, printed materials. The shapes of the beach and the boats are so ingrained after my years of looking and drawing that I can use the scalpel in the same way that I would a pen or a brush.

Stewart Walton MA.RCA


Instagram: @stewart_walton