Elias Sime: Eregata Exhibition Catalogue

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Elias Sime: Eregata እርጋታ

Exhibition Catalogue

The exhibition’s title Eregata እርጋታ emerges from the artist’s language, Amharic, and is translated by Elias to the English word serene. For Elias, eregata reflects a recognition that our minds are never truly still or silent: ‘we struggle to stop and sleep because our brains are constantly stimulated by technology – we are constantly moving faster not slower.‘ Elias’s work flows against this tide, embracing a notion of slowness – ‘My art is slowing it down. The work forces me to slow down’ – as he takes years to transform carefully sourced materials to explore local and global issues around sustainability, materiality and the impact of technology.

Editing: Gemma Brace
Publisher: Arnolfini
Publication Date: Autumn 2023
ISBN: 978 1 399963 85 5
Format: Softcover
Pages: 144
Dimensions: 21 x 28cm